Women’s Stories

  Those days of single-parenting had been inspirational. She found survival in sharing poems and stories of awakenings with fellow students of life.

“They are the women who follow the smell of freshly-brewed coffee in my kitchen, who shared their last peso among one another, who laughed and cried with me while viewing the fading glow of the orange sunset or the rising warmth of the yellow full moon. These women have their own stories to tell and they add to a colorful tapestry of story-collections in my heart and soul. They make my life so enriching,” she said. 

-Jen on Jen, read in full

Stories written for this Page and under Category: Women’s Stories may or may not be based on real characters. You are not encouraged to guess who these characters may be in real  life, for the essence of real life is when you truly feel empathy for others, when you know in your heart that this story might happen to you or it already did.

EVERY WOMAN OWNS THESE STORIES AND EVERY STORY SHARES A JOURNEY. Every story hopes to connect us to who we are and inspire us to become the woman we envision ourselves to be.

For as long as we live, in whatever age we are, a woman’s search for happiness is a never-ending story.