Share your Story

  I will attempt to form an e-based community of people, of men and women  I may know or not even know, or  I may already be close to. Please help me in this experiment called: Creating a Tribe of Storytellers.

If it doesn’t grow or become something I hoped for, nothing is lost; a new experience is gained. If it launches itself through a natural process of initiation and elimination (known only to people who chose to be part or not be part of this undertaking), then we know we may be on to something.

Many bloggers, personalities, NGOs, self-help groups, and inspirational websites are already doing this. It is not unique. We would only know what makes us A Tribe once we start rolling. I have no definite idea how to run it. Let’s roll together and find joy in the experience of new discoveries.

Once a mentor said to me:

“You will invite the same person, friend or lover that you are.”

At that time, she might be talking about The Laws of Attraction, in her own words. I was young, I didn’t quite understand what she meant until I the day I decided to grow my roots and build friendships in Subic Bay. It just happened. After ten years of putting myself out to these possibilities, I woke up one day with a tribe. The friends that Wiel and I made are amazing. They might not acknowledge it yet, but for us, they are gifted storytellers. Each has his or her own story to share and they are beautiful in their own way because they are theirs.

So this is the experiment:
Once you visited this website and land on this Page, I would like to ask you to share any story of your struggle and of triumph- ANYTHING that can inspire members of the Tribe, in Tagalog or English. 500-800 words. Only share when you feel right.


You may not know it yet but your story has magic powers. It can help transform others to realize their potentials, that may open them up to new possibilities of living, learning and loving.

Sharing your journey can open new paths that may lead you to places that you’d like to reach. If your heart is open, you will find inspiration, too, in the stories of others.

Our hope as a Tribe is to illuminate our own light on the path where others may know that they are not alone, they can move forward and find inspiration in their own journey.