Songs from the Soul

(Acknowledgement: Thanks to b yark of youtube for publicly sharing his nice morning prayer video.  As a peaceful visitor of Jakara, I prefer not to download my own video so that my location remains undisclosed.)

Back in the days when I was living in East Kalayaan, Subic Bay, my Korean neighbor’s daily voice practice @ 6 am had been a welcome alarm clock. He was a tenor. Our common backyard park facing the foreste  was his stage.

So there I was every sunrise in my patio with a cup of coffee, listening to my neighbor’s life’s story as told by the tone of his voice. Although I didn’t understand a word (he was singing in his native language), I understand and experienced the meaning of quiet joy. Isn’t that a world we would all love to wake up to?

I never had the chance to get to know him. It was a short-lived private opera that I enjoyed only for a few months. I heard he was ejected by his landlord because he was unable to pay his rent.A sad, sad affair.At sunset today, in Jakarta: I’ve revisited that quiet joy I experienced in my old address in Kalayaan. Since arriving in this city, I find listening to Islamic prayer songs a soulful, peaceful experience. The apartment where my husband Wiel & I live must have been surrounded by 3 or 4 mosques- judging from the songs that emanate from different quarters.


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