The Lovely Mexicans

This morning, I wrote Vida Cruz, whose article in GMA News Online helped brought to the Filipinos’ attention Trisha’s blogsite:

Dear Vida,

Thank you for your article about my daughter Trisha Velarmino ( that appeared in GMA News Online on Feb. 4, 2015. I was trying to post a comment online, to no avail. Continue reading


Support Peace even if you hate our President

Personally, I do not like the President because of the unspeakable things that he had done and might do and never did for the country. It’s becoming evident that he would go down in history as the Filipinos’ biggest disappointment- not Erap, not Gloria, since we thought the former was better than most of us, being the son of Ninoy and Cory, two of the greatest Filipinos we’ve ever known. (Of course, Kris isn’t part of a national expectation. She should remain natural and vulgar and funny. She’s good for the country’s psyche, too. We need to be entertained while her brother sends the country back to the Dark Ages. Darth Vader’s helmet will undoubtedly look good on him with his Barong,)

However, I’m posting this for my daughter Denise and her co-young workers in OPAPP. For these kids whose hopes of a Peaceful Philippines shall never be crushed. I hope my daughter forgives me for my prologue. Despite her President, I would still support her call because of her high hopes for Peace and now sharing this with 1,127 friends who may or may not support this call.

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Follow your road

Just to Keep in Touch

Dear Friends,

My Trisha has moved to a dedicated website for her travel & leisure blogs (she is currently travelling South America). Her old website and Facebook page will no longer be active in a few days, as she transitions to the new one. Please check continuing stories about her new-found insights as a young Filipino woman travelling countries that do not require visa @

You may also place your orders for her new e-Book “Voluntourismo: How To Travel South America by Volunteering” -released a few days ago. (Negotiations are underway with Amazon, although she has already started marketing and selling it online. Find the link to purchase the e-book in her website.) Continue reading

Our Little Fly-Catcher

Dixie hates it when something is flying around her. She lashes into a tantrum but makes sure she catches whatever-it-is that is bothering her.


Dutchy caught me frowning. “Why do you look sad?”I said: “I’m looking at the girl.”Dutchy: “Which girl?”Me: “Dixie. She’s eating a fly.” (Sigh)

Dutchy (Chuckled): “Good! A fly-catcher!”

Me: “Ewe.” (More frown)

Dutchy: “Everybody has a mission. You are lucky when you find it. Hahahaha.”


An Open Letter to my Father on Fathers’ Day

Hey, you! This letter is for you. Yes, YOU, Jimmyboy!

Dear Papa, 

Our shared history had been long and full of sub-stories that you might fall asleep if I’d divulge all the contents of my journal in one sitting. 
You should know that you were my first true teacher in self-care. My awareness to take care of myself began when I was 8, when you first showed me those shocking mug shots of rapists in your police criminals file. Thank you for telling me (without mincing words) what they did to their victims. Because of that, I became paranoid, and ergo, survived the tumults of growing up in a place like Olongapo.

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An Open Letter to My Daughters: Embrace Our Stories


Dear Ana Patricia and Denise Paulina,

At this age, I don’t subscribe to pain (alone) as a fuel for inspiration. A well of happy thoughts can bring sweet water to the spirit. I am so blessed in having them, these moments I call day-by-day miracles. Thanks to you, your brothers, and Wiel.

Once upon a time, life wasn’t like this for me. Continue reading

I almost lost a friend because of “Game of Thrones!”

Don’t laugh, I’ve experienced it myself: No one can truly say when a spoiler is a spoiler. It is not determined by time nor venue where information was released or published. One cannot say, “Ah, but the book’s been out for years” or “It’s not my fault that you didn’t watch it last week” (or last 2 weeks or so on).

I have a precious gf who didn’t have the chance to catch up with regular viewing of Game of Thrones in HBO because of her busy work and mommying schedule. After a week that the “Red Wedding” was shown I posted my reflections, and boy, was she annoyed big-time! She chastised me via open FB and tagged my name to call my attention! Worse, one of her over-zealous FB friends, cursed me and wished for my death. That hurt. Continue reading

I Sing Songs to My Dog

jamby & me

Everyday I sing to her. Can you guess what her favorite song is? — Bizet’s aria- ‘Habanera’ (in dog language, of course: aw-aw-aw-aw,,,)

“… Love is a gypsy’s child,
it has never, ever, known a law;
love me not, then I love you;
if I love you, you’d best beware!…”
Allow me to translate:
“Ang pagibig ay anak ng isang lagalag,
Hindi ito kailan man kumikilala ng batas;
Huwag mo akong mahalin, at mamahalin kita;
At kapag minahal kita, mag-ingat ka!…”

Jamby would be so excited to hear me sing. She would push her face close to mine, wanting only one thing, as if saying: “Let’s rub noses, please-please?!”


Positive Thoughts Are Powerful Prayers

IMG_6955When someone asks you to pray for something or someone, do not delay in granting the prayer request.

Sometimes we commit the mistake of being forgetful amid the hustle & bustle of our everyday lives.

What if your prayer is the last one that the Higher Power is waiting for, that would help someone you know recover, gain some victory, or survive an ordeal?

I remember my mom telling me when I was little: Every good wish or prayer you utter for a person goes to a ‘baul’ (treasure chest) in heaven that will earn you some good points when it’s your turn to be prayed for.

Others call it karma.

I think positive thoughts have the power to multiply like good bacteria. A positive thought is an expression of genuine concern and friendship. And prayer is a strong form of a positive thought.

The next time someone asks you to pray for his or her concern, do not allow the opportunity to earn points for your ‘baul’ escape you. Pray with that person. Guaranteed to make you feel good knowing that you helped a friend feel safe.